Reclaimation of Warding

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See rules on Occult Rituals.

Reclamation of Warding
School abjuration; Level 4
Casting Time 40 minutes
Components V, M (parchment describing in detail area to be warded), F (brass bell); SC (up to 20)
Skill Checks Knowledge (religion) DC 27, 2 successes; Knowledge (arcana) DC 27, 2 successes
Range touch
Target 1 freestanding dwelling of up to six rooms, (see text); or up to three connected rooms of a larger structure
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw none; SR no
Backlash All casters take 2d6 negative energy damage, and are exhausted.
Failure Any vampire may freely enter the dwelling as if it had been invited.

When performed on a dwelling into wich one or more vampires have been previously invited, this ritual will cancel the invitation. This effectively bars such vampires from entering the dwelling. Prior to beginning, the primary caster must write a scroll that describes in detail the area to be warded. During the ritual, the casters read the scroll while walking through each area described and rhythmically ringing the bell. At the end of the ritual, the scroll must be burned within the dwelling, as the smoke then fans throughout the area to be warded.

The ritual wards a single free-standing dwelling of up to six rooms; larger houses can be warded with additional secondary casters. A house with more than six rooms requires two additional secondary casters per additional room. (Closets and hallways do not usually count as rooms.)

Reclaimation of Warding

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