Lady Shantia

Ghost of a Sarenite paladin


The party discovered the ghost of a Sarenite paladin within the walls of Castle Ravenloft. She called herself Shantia, and said she had been a minor noblewoman of Qadira. She had been the leader of a party of four adventurers that had stumbled into Barovia well over a hundred years ago, and took their fight to Strahd. They were never seen again. However, after their attack on the castle, Strahd was not seen in town for over a decade, leading many to believe that they had at least severely wounded him. Shantia claimed to have carried a fabled Sarenite holy weapon: Dawnflower’s Radiance; also called the Sunsword. She said that Strahd truly feared the power of the sword, but his minions took it from her, and then her party was overcome and captured. She then said that Strahd made her watch what he did to her three companions (Beltran the halfling rogue, Saree the gnome sorceress, and Harald the bard). She also said that she has been cursed never to see the sun, and that only the destruction of Strahd can free her. She did not know what Strahd did with her sword. As dawn broke, she began to fade away, and as she did, she warned against the “Guardian of Sorrow,” but never got a chance to explain what that was.

Art from Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, ©2006 Wizards of the Coast

Lady Shantia

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