Gertruda Ruczika

Naive girl living in Castle Ravenloft


Gertruda is a pretty young woman of about 16 years of age, from the Village of Barovia. The party found her living in a well-appointed bedroom in Castle Ravenloft. She claims that she had been invited to the castle by Count Strahd himself, and the he promised that she would be the belle of elegant balls. Destpite being old enough to marry, Gertruda’s mannerisms seemt to be those of a naive young child of sheltered upbringing. She believes that life is like a fairy tale, and the Strahd is some kind of handsome prince. She could not be convinced that she is in any danger whatsoever in the castle.

Gertruda Ruczika: Female human commoner 1

art from Curse of Strahd ©2016 Wizards of the Coast


Gertruda Ruczika

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